every six months or so I remember I run a personal server and that it is almost definitely needs updating

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hey yall, itch.io has another bundle but this time its mostly visual novels and all the money is going to the orka project (food insecurity and mental health services for black trans people)

just like the last one, if anyone wants it but cant afford it then dm me and i can pay for it

at a drive in theater for my birthday :)
enter the dragon + the crow double feature

@sara after goin through all those pipes probably doesn't matter much

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I released my big pixel font under the Open Font License! 19k+ characters with full Hangul and good Chinese/Japanese support in addition to a hefty set of European characters.

It's meant for pixel art games to make localisation easier, but you're welcome to use it for anything you like.

Download the TTF file and view additional notes if you're curious:

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In no particular order, I wanna give a huge shoutout and thanks to @FirstProgenitor, @heyheather, and @Marbles for these commissions of the lost Linux Fox mascot! (pictures are in order of credit and have alt text)

I think they came out awesome, and I'm really glad they all reached out to me!!

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"Dark Lego, show me the forbidden connection techniques":


a leaked PDF of a Lego internal corporate document describing "illegal" connections that must not be used in official kit-building instructions

Much has been written on the analogy between lego connections and programming language syntax; that would make this illegal connection PDF the equivalent of, like, undocumented compiler features or something.

decided to make an iced americano this morning to combat this little heat wave we're having ☕ ❄️

food, contentious 

@rey my fav

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heck just saw Knives Out - I'm a sucker for whomst do its and this went above and beyond my expectations 🗡️

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US pol, dem primaries, same-day voter registration! 

California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Utah and Vermont have same-day voter registration. If you're not registered already, you can register at the polls in these states.

You can find your nearest polling location at the link below:


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